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Armstrong has an axe to grind in his favour, as do his fans, but there is an unchallenged dossier that stands as fact.

Armstrong recovered from cancer and then set about using drugs to gain an unfair advange. Nothing mysterious there with an admittedly Hollywood-style back story.

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The USADA's dossier is based on circumstantial evidence and the testimonies of plea bargained cyclists or those with an axe to grind against Armstrong. The dossier contains zero objective, physical evidence. What's scary is how many people have just bought it all at face value, and don't even question how someone who survived metastasised cancer, not only came back to professional cycling and won 7 Tour de Frances titles, but also did it whilst being doped up to the eyeballs (and never getting banned for a positive test), whilst also pushing drugs onto other cyclists.

If Armstrong did all that the USADA allege, then his powers would be at ridiculous levels. Not even Napoleon Bonaparte's escape from exile on Elba to reconquer power in France is on that level.
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