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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
Armstrong has an axe to grind in his favour, as do his fans, but there is an unchallenged dossier that stands as fact.
Fact? There's no objective, physical evidence and you call it fact? No, it's not fact.

Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
Armstrong recovered from cancer and then set about using drugs to gain an unfair advange. Nothing mysterious there with an admittedly Hollywood-style back story.
No, that doesn't cover the sheer scale of what the USADA is alleging that Armstrong did. As I said, they are asking people to believe that only did Armstrong beat metastasised cancer, come back to cycling and win 7 Tour de France titles, but that he did it while being doped up to the eyeballs (while beating all the testers), and was also the ring leader in pushing drugs onto other cyclists (again undetected).

The USADA's scenario of what happened has left reality way behind and entered the realm of fiction.
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