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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
1. I explained at length that I think posting a video of an 8 year old girl is insane. There are no take backs, its there forever, reproduced any number of times, viewed by any pedophile for any purpose he chooses. No thanks.

2. Sorry, saw your videos, I think I might have offered some advice, I forget. Different planets. No your kid could not hang with any of the 12s girls talked about here. And my girl would literally embarrass him. In fact she would HATE playing him. She HATES playing people that she beats badly.

I can remember off hand 3 times when delusional parents have asked to play her in practice. She beat one boy and he cried the last 3 games. That night on Skype I heard her tell her grandpa that she hated tennis because of it. Took me days to get her back on the court.

Frankly....take 10 steps back. If you think your boy would have any chance of winning a game vs Abby, Nicole, or Grace, you are borderline insane! And unless your boy is different than every other boy, getting owned by a girl at that age is not going to be a nice day for him.

His forehand looks better but he still is backing up like he is afraid of the ball. He is not getting his mass behind the ball. The elite kids will move him back and then slice the heck out of him. Seriously, work over the next few years to break his habit of backing up on everything. My girl would blast a topspin ground stroke to the baseline and then follow with a slice or dropper that he would not get within 3 feet of hitting.

Also, his take back is huge compared to good players. With that take back he will not have time to respond on the move or to the pace of better players. He also will have more unforced errors, more to go wrong. He also does not get the racquet into the slot and will not generate enough topspin to hit with enough pace yet keep the ball in bounds. Those girls would eat his flatter balls for lunch.

Before wondering if he can beat those 12s at least let him play some elite kids. The levels of tennis in FL. are light years from where you live. You were posting less than a year ago that he was still using green balls for goodness sakes! Now he is going to play with players who have been taking regulation balls on the rise for 5 years? Come on now. Walk before you try to sprint.

I wish posters like you would realize that I could care less who believes what. My girl may be playing hoops only by age 10, who knows. I posted facts that she happens to be a tennis freak as of today. That means absolutely nothing long term. Who cares? I would think there are girls her age even better somewhere in Russia right now. Again, so what? They are kids who most likely will not do a thing in tennis as adults except for play in some adult leagues.
Look we all know you are never going to meet anyone here or let your daughter play anyone here.

And we all know why.

No need to insult yet another tennis kid to try to cover your tracks.
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