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Originally Posted by bhupaes View Post
I think one would need to have exceptionally strong rotator cuff muscles and wrists to execute this shot well, especially if one is using a high SW racquet. Not my favorite shot, for sure!
I don't see how this would relate to the strength of your rotator cuff. Wrists, yes. Triceps and forearm muscles yes. Rotator cuff? I barely use my shoulder to hit the shot, and I have a weak rotator cuff (which I should do something about).

And I'm using a higher swingweight setup. Nothing super high, but it's probably reached at least the 350s or 360s.

I feel like it's mostly to do with preparation, coordination (to have your wrist put the racket head cleanly on the ball, especially if you intend to hit it harder), and wrist strength.

I feel like it's better off to learn hitting this shot defensively (that way you won't try to hit it at 100%). You learn the preparation and coordination more easily that way. Then when you have the chance to hit it offensively, you have everything you need to spank the crap out of the ball for a winner.

Whenever given the opportunity to hit a standard overhead though, ALWAYS take it. Federer has one of the sickest backhand overheads I've seen, and even he will run around it plenty of times to hit a normal overhead. The only times you see him do it, is when it's a tough, deep lob to his backhand (hence why his backhand overheads are always in highlight reels). Even a high backhand volley is preferable.
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