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Originally Posted by Soianka View Post
Look we all know you are never going to meet anyone here or let your daughter play anyone here.

And we all know why.

No need to insult yet another tennis kid to try to cover your tracks.
He was and under achiever in his sporting years and if he was half the coach I am and could get close to producing what I have it would be up on youtube in a second .

You can bet he is a teaching pro "dime a dozen" and when someone has a better prodigy he explodes and lashes out , out in CA Mr.B has delt with his type all the time we know his language , thats why i have posted over time that he is parks and rec tennis coach and if tenniscp is correct then will have his name up soon and you will see I have been correct the whole time.

Will let you know who he is soon and someone will have video of his kid soon on here and trust me she wont be that special and he will pipe down.
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