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Originally Posted by toly View Post
Yes, one stroke probably means nothing, thatís why mathematicians invented statistic. Here are statistical data of menís forehand topspin.

The most successful players are Peter Sampras and Andre Agassi, and they had mediocre topspin.
On other hand, Caroline Wozniacki can generate a lot of topspin, but cannot hit flatter FH. This perhaps explains her inconsistency in WTA ranking.
So, I think Li Na has the best FH for her game. If she adds topspin, her ranking may plummet to the bottom???
The same I think can be said about Sharapova and Clijsters.

This is hilarious how about trying to get into this decade there toly. I have noticed that rafa nadal has only won 11 majors using the most top spin the game has ever seen, and fed is not far behind him in heavy spin.
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