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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
I know exactly what you are talking about, and it is likely there is a problem with the pallet. Pacific grips use the Fischer pallet system, which is effectively a 2-piece shell that connects through the handle using 2 plastic screws (do a search on 'Fischer pallet' and your should see a thread or two w/ photos). It allows for easy swapping of grip sizes, but when damaged will feel as if the grip is moving. What is actually happening is the two pieces are sliding horizontally.

However, I doubt that is what is causing the arm problems. I hesitate to blame it on the strings, as many here are quick to say that dead poly, and not technique, is to blame for arm injuries. But when dealing with a demo racquet, this very well may be the case. Do you know what string was in it, when it was last strung, and at what tension it was strung?

You are correct in that many people have praised this frame (and its predecessor) for arm-friendliness, but that doesn't mean it is flawless. Ironically, a friend of mine switched to this frame over the summer and had me string it w/ 17g gut mains @ 54lbs, 17g SPPP crosses @ 52lbs. After a month, he had arm problems & had someone else restring it w/ full Pro Hurricane. Now his arm no longer hurts. Go figure...
That so chimes with me. I ended up with some real wrist issues earlier this year from when I had this extended 'revisiting' of the Fischer Pro No. 1 (silver/red). It was uniquely modded, plus the balance and weighting was different from what I was used to. But this of course is on a noted comfy, low power, quality built frame. My usual frame is a Bab. I don't know...

RE the X Force Pro, sadly I'm moving mine on as it's just too good for me - LOL. It is however my favourite more player's type frame I've played in the last year or so, and I'd really recommend it to others whose game is perhaps better suited... yes, superb low power, control, solidness, precision, etc.
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