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Originally Posted by xFullCourtTenniSx View Post
I don't see how this would relate to the strength of your rotator cuff. Wrists, yes. Triceps and forearm muscles yes. Rotator cuff? I barely use my shoulder to hit the shot, and I have a weak rotator cuff (which I should do something about)...
I believe that there usually is an external rotation of the shoulder, along with some other shoulder actions, involved in the execution of the BH smash. Not clear what you mean by a "weak rotator cuff". Each shoulder actually has 4 muscles that comprise the rotator cuff. The rotator muscles are responsible for internal rotation, external rotation and abduction of the arm. You may be weak in one of these functions without any significant impairment of the other articulations.

Supination of the forearm is undoubtedly also present. Supination involves forearm muscles as well as the biceps (if the arm is bent).

Note also that the wrist is a joint and there are no muscles in the wrist itself. When speaking of muscle strength or power with regards to the wrist, we are actually talking about muscles of the forearm.

Originally Posted by Off The Wall View Post
I'm with Bagum. Hit forehand smashes...
Not always possible. I agree that many players hit a high BH when they should be running around the ball to hit a FH smash. However, for quick, lower trajectory lobs, this might not be practical. This is where the BH smash comes in.

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