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Originally Posted by Sadyv View Post
Doubtful. Philippoussis was a much better grass court player at that time, and his serve was huge. Recall that he went to two tie breaks with Federer in the final. Wimbledon 2003 was Scud salvaging and making the most of the talent and ability he still had left at that time, which even after losing some to injuries and squandering some more through years of not nurturing, was still quite considerable.
no, he wasn't ....

the 3rd set in the final wasn't as close as the score suggests ... federer missed a sitter forehand on a BP , otherwise it wouldn't have gone to a TB ....

roddick had a SP in the first set in the semi .... federer won both TBs comfortably vs phillippoussis ...

both roddick and phillippoussis were playing at a similar level that wimbledon and it would have been a close match ..
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