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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
That's becoming hard to define on this forum, according to a number of people Fed's best tennis is lasting almost a decade now, which of course makes other members of the top 4 look like complete wussies in comparison as they can't even scrap together 3 years of being at their best combined .

That said, presuming all 3 are at their best, I wouldn't favour Fed over Nadal or Novak on a slow outdoor HC, fast HC? Sure, let's say even a medium one (something like rebound ace) but on slow outdoor HC? Can't see it, I'd favour both of them over Fed in that scenario even at Fed's best to be honest.
well even with federer serving crappily and both playing well off the ground, federer had won quite a few more points vs nadal in the AO 2009 final till the breakdown in the final set .....

even vs an error-prone federer, almost all the sets b/w him and novak @ the AO in 2008/11 were very close .....

I'd still say slight edge to federer at his best vs both of them even on a slow HC ....

when I say that I mean his level of play in matches like the SF/F vs tsonga/murray in AO 2010 , QF vs delpo in AO 2009 ( though delpo played poorly ) ...

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