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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
well even with federer serving crappily and both playing well off the ground, federer had won quite a few more points vs nadal in the AO 2009 final till the breakdown in the final set .....
Sure, Fed's serve was terrible in that final but his ground game was terrific, the very fact that he was matching Nadal from the baseline on a slow outdoor court tells you that.

If they play a series of matches on such slow outdoor HC, sure Fed will serve better in most of them but will he won't necessarily play as well (as he did in 2009 AO F) off ground in every one of them.

Then again, Nadal didn't display the level he did in 2009 AO all that often in a HC slam so it's hard to say.

Originally Posted by abmk View Post
even vs an error-prone federer, almost all the sets b/w him and novak @ the AO in 2008/11 were very close ......
Yes but almost every match between top players is close, even if it turns out to be a straight set affair, not to mention that too many variables go into every match to simplify it like that.

Fact is, Fed lost in straights both times he faced Novak on AO's decoturf, even presuming he was not at his best in those matches I'd expect him to win atleast a set or two, especially if we're gonna favour him in a potential peak for peak match-up.

Originally Posted by abmk View Post
when I say that I mean his level of play in matches like the SF/F vs tsonga/murray in AO 2010 , QF vs delpo in AO 2009 ( though delpo played poorly ) ...
I know, I know, I was mostly joking about the tendency of some of our resident TW experts (Nadal/Sampras fans, historians etc.) to act like Fed's peak/prime is supposed to be everlasting, he's not allowed to age/decline, have a dip in form etc.
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