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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
I don't know but I believe that if the tendon is detached it very often does not reattach.

The Dr is likely to know better how to splint the finger to increase the chances that it will heal (reattach if detached) or apply other treatment, who knows? He can better answer the healing time questions and activities that are OK.
I really do understand and appreciate your comments. In fact, most of the time I would do exactly what you say. I have had two dislocated fingers and did go to the doctor and followed up with physical therapy.

I was planning to go to the doctor till I started to do some research. It was so clear what the injury is and what the treatment is. Every site said the same thing: Immobilize the finger in a straight position with a splint (maybe even slightly hyper-extend it). There are splints specifically for this injury (stax). If I wasn't convinced that this is the only course of action (surgery if more serious), then I wouldn't do it myself.

BTW - It is my understanding that with proper splinting, there is a high probability of the tendon re-attaching. The key is to allow the body to heal itself by holding the finger straight.

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