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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
The best tournaments, now, before and ever are those competed by the best.No matther the nš of players entering.

The best events all throughout the 50īs and 60īs were pros, so most of them are pros.We have to go case per case, anyhow.Maybe a few amateurs traditional slams had a better cast than the early 50īs pros events, so we should go one bu one to be fair.
laver lost to drysdale at the USO 68 ... rosewall beat him at Rg 68 .... why on earth wouldn't rosewall have a shot at taking him out at RG in 67 ? how on earth is the 67 pro slam even close to a true slam when it had shallow fields ? when the french pro was indoors and not on clay ...

also we know laver in 62 wasn't even close to the best player in the world ...

Laver has one GS, that's it .... Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't know their tennis ....

the Year ending championships have the best players in the world ... federer has beaten nadal four times there, including bagels and breadsticks thrown in , and losing only one set total in 4 matches ... yet you totally seem to ignore that .... why ? because it hurts your delusion that nadal owns federer everywhere .... nadal only has the edge on clay, nowhere else .......

Originally Posted by kiki View Post
And there are two things as sure as life about *******s never being able to overcome:

-.freaking Nadalīs ownage
-.Laverīs 3 GS...

There is only two ways to counterbalance it: either Fed starts beating up Nadal, and I think this is the easiest of the two possibilities...and retires winning 3 GS ( of course, only calendar counts) which I donīt think he is able fact, with pathetic 2003-2006 opposition he wasnīt able so figure it nowĄĄĄĄ

Lots of Love.Keep posting.Itīs funny.

laver has one GS, that's it ... federer has plenty of things that top that ..... dominance over a 4 year period is unparalleled. 5 consecutive years of winning wimbledon and USO , 17 majors overall , 6 YECs etc etc ....

what is funny is how bitter you are that federer has surpassed laver in the GOAT discussions in the eyes of many.... You try to make one stupid excuse after the other to try to cover that up ..... give it up .... anyone sane and with tennis knowledge can detect within a couple of days that you have near zero knowledge of tennis ........

oh and your precious laver wouldn't do any better than federer did against nadal on clay ... deal with it ....

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