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Hard to say, actually their H2H was always interresting, because of their only HC matches, just this yearīs Wimbledon and Olympics changed it, really weird guys with so many matches and top gyus for years neeeded so many years and matches to finally play outside of HC

I think clay is hard to tell - for both players it is worst surface, but Roger had great succes at clay just thank sto his overall greatness- i mean he was years best player on clay after NAdal, now lately last 2 years i say Nole is superior player on clay than Roger.

But if Roger is better than Murray on clay hard to tell, Murray seems to be difficult match-up for Roger- not tough, but not easy one and clay as slowest surface gives Murray more time for deffense, return, longer rallies, i mean Rogerīs biggest assets like serve, fast tennis and quickly ending rallies wonīt work on clay as good as on HC. On other side Murray is clearly better player on HC or grass too, but i think his game on clay match-ups very good vs Roger and i would say Murray will win if they will playon clay- besides blue clay in Madrid there would be Roger favorit
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