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Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
Not much love for this gem of a frame I guess.

I'm actually a bit surprised. Maybe the "89" on the frame is scaring people away. They should have called it the "98" and people would have swarmed to it. You can't even tell that the head size is smaller, to be honest. It plays beautifully and the sweet spot is much larger than most 95+ sq. in. frames I've used.
Well there were two long posts which were exceptionally high in their praise as the new frames came out. Now people are moving to their next new thing. I've seen some vcores 89 on sale (from people who were raving about them). Others seemed to have settled back to the vcore95d or easier frame.

I've been a long time yon ex guy but I'm thinking of trying a new direction... But I will test out this frame and the ezone xi 98.
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