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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
Here is a backhand smash that comes off the racket well in excess of 140 mph (he has also hit some in excess of 160 mph).

There are some top tennis pros that can hit high BH volleys/smashes with this kind of authority (even if not quite at this speed).
Great example. I'd bet most competitive badminton players feel the shot is more natural. Tennis players practice serves and OHs from a forehand stance and it is not very natural to rotate the body 180 degrees and reverse the swing motion.

I play a OHBH and when I used to horse around playing beach volleyball, I could spike a ball with the back of my hand on an overpassed ball. Opponents were always surprised by that shot since it was unorthodox to them.

Ultimately, not a difficult shot to those that practice it. Difficult for a 2HBH player that doesn't practice it.
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