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Originally Posted by toly View Post
On other hand, Caroline Wozniacki can generate a lot of topspin, but cannot hit flatter FH. This perhaps explains her inconsistency in WTA ranking.
If this does not show how confused toly is about tennis nothing can help you.
He says she can't hit flat??? lol. but then...he gets way worse-
He says she is inconsistent???
Wozniacki has been one of the more consistent groundstrokers since maybe Evert
or before and not only that, but held the #1 World ranking for a good period due
completely to her consistency
, having never gotten the gobs of points from
winning a Major!

Not just one year, but..."She finished the year as world no. 1 for the second consecutive year." wiki

I'm not coming out for her in any way...just pointing out that her strokes and
game are generally low in UEs and a MODEL of consistency....maybe even to
a fault....but toly sees her as inconsistent and the high UE Li Na as consistent.
His world is backwards like the sidespins he sees off the Fh.

Even if he were not so wrong about her consistent WTA ranking, we are talking strokes,
not rankings. She has tremendous consistency with her strokes as we ALL know.
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