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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Just another public display of *******s bitterness and complex vs Laver
actually those are facts ....

fact: rosewall beat him in RG 68 on clay
fact: French pro in 67 was indoors
fact: pro majors had didn't have the depth
fact: drysdale, nowhere close to being a major winner, beat laver in USO 68 , so don't give me that the depth of the field and possibility of an upset isn't there ....... laver is no federer who had a streak of 23 consecutive major semis ......
fact: pro majors are not equivalent of a full major

things that you lavertard cannot accept hurts doesn't it ?

of course, it does ....... now stop crying ......and come up with one more of those hilariously dumb statements of yours ...... its fun ......

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