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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I'm a skinny, old weak guy.

No putaways from center of NML, unless you are Kiteboard, who can hit 90 mph backhand overheads from anywhere inside the court, using a Hawaiin grip, a strong W. Geoff just happens to be 6' and 215 lbs, strong as an ox, and just as stubborn.
I use the continental at net, including the back hand smash. Yandell filmed me for that shot and we did a whole piece on it. I hit them for an hour. In the next few weeks, every league match I played, I hit a bh smash over the rear fence or side fence. I also use a full western, uni grip, same for both sides on ground shots, and don't change grips at all from the baseline, except transition net to continental. If the rest of my game was as good, I'd be making money at the game, instead of posting here. I've also hit aces with the bh smash, serving with it from the baseline. Not too many people can make that claim honestly! I don't run around it that's for sure. I don't need to.
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