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Maybe in a sport where Olympic medals mean everything, like gymnastics. Yeah, age fixing means money and happens all the time. It starts as toddlers as they pick kids with certain attributes.

There is no advantage in tennis. No one gets paid until the player reaches the top 75. Saying a tennis kid is 10 instead of 12 makes no one a penny. Seeing a 6 year old with tennis talent and conducting a huge effort to make them 4 on documents makes zero sense.

The very most would be maybe a scholarship. But schools will take 22 year olds if it means wins so colleges even could care less about a year or 2 in age. And the sponsors would not make any money if the tennis kid does not become a top pro anyway.
Not talking about gymnastics specifically, but rather age fixing in soccer (Europe and South America), baseball (South America) and to an extent holding kids back 1 to 2 years deliberately for football (US). No one is thinking about the top 75, everyone is thinking about the road to the top and being the top of your age group is going to open up doors regardless of the sport.

And fudging ages is not a huge effort, like you put it, in other countries.
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