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Originally Posted by jigglypuff View Post
Not talking about gymnastics specifically, but rather age fixing in soccer (Europe and South America), baseball (South America) and to an extent holding kids back 1 to 2 years deliberately for football (US). No one is thinking about the top 75, everyone is thinking about the road to the top and being the top of your age group is going to open up doors regardless of the sport.

And fudging ages is not a huge effort, like you put it, in other countries.
You have to understand who your talking to "TCF" as I pointed out on another thread TCF always seems to fudge the numbers has outtageous facts about a current player when he was 10 yrs old, he has never layed eyes on any of them but they were TOTTALLLY of the charts and to that I laugh .

As a person who has developed a real top Jr . not a made up dillusion they all bleed the same,go potty the same ,smell after workouts, OH yah they eat food also.

The difference is all in understanding "development" which TCF doesnt .
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