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Originally Posted by Down_the_line View Post
Yes, the man is the Wimbledon champ and #1 in the world, but I still think Roger would benefit from switching to a slightly bigger headsize. It isn't made any more evident when you see the tremendous amount of errors coming off his racquet on a regular basis. If he doesn't like the Six.One 95 of Pro Staff Six.One 95 frames, he could always work with Wilson on creating a whole new signature frame just for him that incorporates the 95 sq. inch head size. In all likelihood it would be a huge cash cow for Wilson as well as benefit Roger's game.

Just my 2 cents.
Wilson already made a 93 sq. in. version of the Tour 90 for Federer. He tried it but didn't like it so he stayed with his 90. So Wilson gave the 93 to Dimitrov to play with. It looks exactly like the Tour 90 but with a 93 sq. in. head. If Federer played worse with a 93 than his 90, what makes anyone think he would play better with a 95?
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