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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Federer is a transiction era champion between the last dinosaurs of the 90īs (Sampras,Agassi,Kuerten,Rafter,Goran) and the big bashing baseliners like Murray,Nadal,Djokovic,Del Potro

Federer is in the transiction era, with guys like Roddick,Safin and Hewitt rounding up this transiction era.

It is like the second half of the early 70īs, which was a transiction era between Laver,Hoad,Gonzales and Rosewall prime and the arrival of the two handed Bh and top spin era marked by Borg,Vilas and Jimmy Connors around the middle 70īs.
You're going to have to live with the fact that Federer's playing field is much stronger than Laver's field.
RF 17(4-1-7-5)-6-5-23-81-302, RN 14(1-9-2-2)-0-3-27-64-141, Sampras 14(2-0-7-5)-5-6-11-64-286
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