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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Bad post above.
I've seen Kiteboard hit backhand overheads as good as most 4.5 normal overheads. He's stronger than you. Older, maybe. But stronger.
He's an inch taller than me, maybe 70 lbs heavier, and 50 of it muscle.
The reason you don't take every overhead on the forehand side is that you end up out of position after leaping 4' to your oft hand side, then backpedalling to recover to a stop/split. It leaves the court wide open if it's not a clean putaway.
I was trying to compliment Kiteboard. I mean, that show does exist. And his BH serve would qualify as a spectacular success. (To me anyway.)

Otherwise, I think we all agree there is a time and place for BH overheads. So what are you getting at?
Up your backhand.

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