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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Thing is if they played in the 90s, that means less access to the racket technology we have today with the lux strings, so there would be quite a bit taken off their serve chances are.

These guys are the equivalent of a Phillopousis or someone.. And he didn't win a slam either.. None of them are any better then he was really. If you want to put them in the 90s you have to put them under the same situations that everyone else had.. That means giving the same racket technology as well
Agree that racquet technology wasnīt as good, but it wouldnīt made such difference, Ivoīs serve is more about placement - thanks to his height he can hit those spots and he would use SV, go to the net - i think Ivo would benefit on faster surfaces without so many rallies. So i would give him little chance at Wimbledon

Isner- well his kick serve probably woudnīt be so effective but with his big FH he can hit through anybody on faster HC - so i would still give him little chance at USO

Raonic-he would suffer mostly at serve - he is using new racquets and he is hitting hardest 1st serves regularly, but his style of games suits 90s and has the power, can go to the net and his serve would be still among best, so would give him chance at USO or Wimbledon.

About chances to win slam -Raonic actually has bigger chance in future with nobody from his generatinos with sch big weapons so i am confident he will win in future slam

Isner- he wonīt win slam in future, donīt believe it and his chance in 90s would be little bit higher in 90s at USO

Ivo- his chance in this era was always 0% basically without serve he is by far worst, but he can volley well and he would love to play in era with less rallies, faster surfaces and he would be scary at old grass at his best serving days - that means high FS% + million aces and unreturnables - he can win vs anybody in tie-breaks if serving well

So i would give Ivo and John little chance to win Wimbledon and USO, while Milos probably had bigger chance in future, but he would have chances in 90s to
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