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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
You can't even get a quote of someone correct, lol, so how do you expect
to get a more subtle take on things like modern vs traditional?
First you might want to read up on what traditional instruction is, then get
back to us.
"Traditional instruction" is the straw man you are constantly attacking in order to sell MTM. Who or what falls within the confines of traditional tennis, is constantly changing depending on the day and your mood. I didn't see Li Na out there using a wood racket hitting flat conti forehands with a low take-back. She has a modern finish on her forehand and can finish around her shoulder or around her hip depending on what type of shot she's hitting. What is it about her game that you perceive as being traditional? If its her great extension out towards her target, all the top ATP guys hit the same way.

MTM has as much connection to modern tennis as Scientology does to science. How many champions have you developed with this system 5263? Maybe you should refrain from attacking real life tennis figures like Robert Lansdorp and Li Na, since with MTM, you will never achieve the same level of stratospheric success that they have achieved with their "traditional" methods.

The irony of the situation is you sit around attacking real life tennis figures who have had far more of an impact on modern tennis than you could ever dream of. You say these people are traditional and don't understand the modern game. Clearly they understand it a lot better than you. They are actually a part of it.

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