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I''ve become interested in tendons since I suffered an injury of my rotator cuff. As mine was a acute type injury I cannot answer your question re my treatment plan.

I'm more curious in the role of NSAIDS or ICE for treatment of tendons. Wether that be tendonitis, strain/tear...

I don't really understand why its necessary to reduce swelling after injury?

Is it to help with pain? to further this keep the joint mobile otherwise one may keep the area protected and stiff.

To prevent impingement of certain tendons?

Some other function...?

I've read somewhere NSAIDS my help with collagen allignment and keep the healed area from thickening too much. Don't know if this is good or bad. For tendons what can get impinged i'd imagine its good but what about others that don't suffer this problem. Wouldn't a thicker area where an injury has occured before be good.

So far i've read so much contradictory stuff i'm unclear on the above.

Sorry if i have gone off topic a bit...
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