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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
there is no world called "transiction"

your last sentence makes as much sense as this :

laver was the the huge beneficiary to be in the transitional era b/w gonzales/hoad and connors/borg .......

oh and one last thing, federer has as many majors as nadal, djoker, murray combined ....and yes, he's surprassed your crush laver as the GOAT with it ........
You know that I perfectly meant Laver/Hoad/Gonzales/Rosewall, then transition (Newcombe and nastase leading a very good group with Ashe,Roche,Kodes,Smith...) and then Connors/Borg/Vilas.The two big eras were Laver and Rosewall and then Borg and Connors although the early 70s were really exciting...

not like the very boring Federer dominance transitional era, in between the great Agassi/sampras/rafter rivalry and the stronger Djokovic/Nadal/Federer trio of nowadays.

That Roddick and Hewitt were the biggest threats to Federer says it all...

I wont discuss about Federer and Laver.Federer is a modern Emerson and Laver won the big thing about 3 times...
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