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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Everybody? Does that include 5263? He seems think otherwise.
A rally ball is what you should be hitting when around and just behind the baseline.
If you can rip it 100 or so at times, it is still a rally ball due to where
you are on the court. The speed and spin should vary.
IMO and approach to the game, one of the big myths and
source of UEs is to hit the wrong type shot from the wrong part of the court.
Rally balls come from the rally area of the court for a good player.
Yes, lots of players confuse this as you and suresh have and imo don't play to
their potential with that mindset.
I know you and suresh are stuck on the idea that all strong TS has a big loop and
that will hold you back as long as you are stuck in this mindset.
Suresh won't ever get this Lee, but you have expanded many of your ideas over
the last few years on here. If you can learn to realize that a rally ball has more
to do with your location than the kind of swing, although in general, in the
rally area, you should be able to be consistent. You also have to realize there
are many ways to be consistent. Hitting loopy TS is just one very avg way to do
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