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Don't you dare accuse me of being able to learn anything through experience, lessons, or otherwise. As everyone said, I'm stuck in my old ways. My head is stuck in the sand. You can't teach old dogs new tricks.
I never RIP any of my rallyballs. I do swing moderately fast with a strong SW grip, but the ball is going relatively slowly, maybe 60 mph, with moderately strong topspin. I swing at my fastest controllable, but replicable speed....for rallyballs.
However, given an opening, while standing 2' behind my baseline, I will haul off and strike a flatter, lower, faster moving ball that I think I RIP, for a forcing shot or winner attempt into the open court. That is not my rallyball swing. The swing might be no faster, but the ball is hit flatter and faster. That is my RIP ball.
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