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All this is fine and is what most players do imo, so you and suresh are right on
on that account as well.
But I don't agree or teach this way.

Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I never RIP any of my rallyballs. I do swing moderately fast with a strong SW grip, but the ball is going relatively slowly, maybe 60 mph, with moderately strong topspin. I swing at my fastest controllable, but replicable speed....for rallyballs.
We train to hit very strong shots as rally balls, but with good net clearance and
very strong TS. When training this way, we find we can take our biggest rips
at the ball and still make them very consistently when we have the right ball
to work with. Sometimes we must be more conservative due to the ball we
receive, but that is not just a hard/soft issue. There is a lot to it of course, but
the big point is some of our biggest cuts at the ball come here and have nothing
to do with openings. Given the length of the court to work with, makes some
logic that you can swing big from here.
Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
However, given an opening, while standing 2' behind my baseline, I will haul off and strike a flatter, lower, faster moving ball that I think I RIP, for a forcing shot or winner attempt into the open court. That is not my rallyball swing. The swing might be no faster, but the ball is hit flatter and faster. That is my RIP ball.
In my training I call this a suck's play. You are clearly behind the baseline and
going for a placement winner. May work at times and mostly against weaker
opponents as you mentioned in another posts that I cheered, but is not high
percentage. Rally area is a must for high % imo and avoid getting sucked into
low % tactics. The big rip I teach is high % and leads to more big rips, UEs and
attackable short balls. The only ideas we have when in rally area.
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