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Difference here is that I don't play rally ball tennis, really.
I cannot run. I hobble to the ball, making setup really difficult. I need to hit ONE great shot, then reap the benefits of it by going to the open court on the next.
When rallies go over 4shots, I might as well sit down, as I'm going to lose the next 3 points also, being winded, tired, sore, and injecting my opponent with the idea that HIS keeping the ball in play will wear me down and out.
Plus, I started playing in 1974, when you didn't just wait for an opponent's error, you had to CREATE his error with your strong forcing shots.
I don't hope to beat a fellow 4.0 who can run like the wind, hit deep topspin consistent rallyballs, never gets tired, and who favors 30 shot rally's. That is out of my realm of possibilities.
It is also out of the realm of possibilities of most recreational, 4.0 thru 5.5 players.
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