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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Folks, lets get some context here. I have no idea why some posters are posting things like "my daughter can beat your daughter".

This entire discussion started between Abby's dad and myself, and others joined in when he was banned. I have seen Abby's videos and saw her play briefly in Boca last summer. So with that information, I said my kid can beat her. Thats all.

I never said my kid can beat your kid or your friends kid, beat every 11 year old on earth. I have never seen your kids videos or seen them live so have no idea about them. I even said I would think some unknown Russian girls are better than mine. Specifically talking about beating one player, Abby.

And even that is not a big deal. So what if she can beat Abby today, does not mean a thing who will be the better player as an adult. Frankly, Abby seems much more obsessed with tennis than my kid so long term I would bet on her going further.

The entire point was that people need to realize that being the "top" USTA 12 does not mean anything except for that player entered the system early and was very aggressive in playing lots of tournaments, and many times placing gathering USTA points over development.
Fair enough. Thanks and best of luck with your daughter.
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