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As for Borg not being lucky, that is so true.He had been too lucky on too many times to believe in fairy tales.He was a cloutch winner, and that was his pattented trademark.But, the only time I felt he could have really lost a five setter, it was against Connors at that W final.I never had that feeling against Orantes in the 74 FO final, Lendl at the 1981,Tanner at the 1979 W final...and, after the match had reached a fifth set, I even thought he had the edge against Mac at the terrific 1980 Wimbledon final.

On the eother hand, I also think he never had the edge agaisnt Mac at the 1980 USO final, which was very clsoe at the it feelings.
It's true, he never did seem in control of the 80USO final. Odd thing, though, was that he should have been, in a way. He served twice for that first set. If he held either of those times the match would have unfolded very differently. But even with two chances he couldn't close out the set (got broken at love the second time), which kind of does show that he wasn't in control. Even with a technical lead he couldn't consolidate.
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