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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
To an extent, I can agree with your idea here, but I think it's a big mistake
to go for things in a winner ball mindset from rally area and also maybe you can
see how our bigger, more aggressive rallyball might help Lee get off the BL area
quicker to where he needs to be!
Sort of a compromise he is not working right now, but might could help him to
shorten his rally exposure, while not giving ground or position easily. Subtle but
I thought we are discussing this in general, 'cos that's what I had in mind. Now, we are getting into the area of tactics. I see what you mean but wouldn't that be "the rally area" where you start creating something? What's wrong with, while in rally area, go for a ripping shot out of the blue, surprising opp, not necessarily placing it for a winner but just to send a message and even get lucky enough to draw a weaker reply or UE.
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