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Originally Posted by gunnd5000 View Post
Leaving China...It was such a special trip to Shanghai. The fans were absolutely amazing. Thanks so much, I will always remember your support!

I don't mean to be pre-emptive and it is probably just because, although his english is very good it is not his first langauge, but the way that is worded it sounds like he wont be back in China. Strongly doubt this however, although the wording is eh...

Yeah I know he could be saying he'lll remember this specific group of fans or the fans at this particular years event.
The message was not mixed, nor did he intimate in any way he is retiring or wouldn't be back. What he was doing was being his usual classy self, by telling his shanghai fans were amazing, and that he will always remember and appreciate their support.

And, there was that issue of the death threat. Fed is not one to talk much about that. And it's quite possible the fans were extra supportive because of that threat.

Bottom line: Just another classy Facebook post by The Fed
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