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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
It was not meant to be condescending but I can see how it came off that way. It was more meant as a reality check as you said you did not know how your boy would do vs those 12s girls. If you are entertaining such thoughts, you simply have not seen the levels of tennis enough yet.
My boy and I are both very much looking forward to experiencing tennis in Florida - he will, hopefully, be competing against some very good players his own age. It will surely, as you put it, be a reality check. He knows it and I know it - and we both intend to use the experience as a motivator to work harder.

Originally Posted by TCF View Post
How do you want to prove the results of this match you want? Since I will not allow videos? After the match I come on here and say my girl crushed your kid, you come on here and say your boy crushed my kid. IN the end we will still be guys on the internet posting things that may not be true.
I do not care about who wins the match - we could agree upfront to proclaim your kid as the winner if you prefer that. I was impressed by your description of your girl - and thought that a practice match with her would be a good experience for my boy.

You say that your girl would hate to play my boy. Fair enough - it was only a proposal and you are ofcourse entitled to decline it.

Originally Posted by TCF View Post
More condescending stuff not meant to be not worry about practice matches yet. Your boy is not ready for that. He needs to be broken of the backing up on everything habit. Once he starts winning with that defensive strategy it will be hard to break. Better players will get him back on his heels and then slice and dice him to pieces.

Fix his take back, backing up issues, get the racquet in the slot, fix these first....then start competition.
My boy is not ready for practice matches?!

I will have you know that he beat our national number 5 in the 12u - and he took a set from a player who had participated in the world cup in Croatia this summer.

It is stuff like this that makes you come accross as condescending (are you even aware of that?).

However - despite your less than endearing personality, I like you. Where do we sign up for private lessons? (No, I am not beeing sarcastic).
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