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don't think so. btw. what happened with Mr. Pilic and other players back in 70's was a completely different thing, if you want to find out just google it.

I deeply agree that lower ranked players should make more money. We have top 4 divas making more money from their endorsements than probably the rest of the tour. Djokovic, Fed, Nadal or Mandy don't even need any prize money. They are beyond rich. Sure, they earned it. no problem there, but there are so many pro guys who can hardly pay for their hotel expenses and their flight tickets. It's all about the distribution thing.

there are articles about this all over the net. just too many lower ranked guys who actually don't hesitate to talk/twit about it. easy to find out if you really follow tennis. kinda sucks. I love tennis and lower ranked guys should be payed more money. like much more. many people don't realize how expensive tennis is.
I'm a tennis nut, not sure why, but when I was a kid, I bagged my dad to enroll me in a local tennis club.I was like so young, saw Borg and fell in love with tennis. He said, anything else but we can't afford tennis, too much money. I was so crushed.

My huge, humongous, super support goes to young pro players.

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