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Originally Posted by tusharlovesrafa View Post
Poor Britons,getting a taste of their own medicine.It's like a Karma coming in full circle.They colonized us,exploited us and took all our wealth.Sooner or later this was supposed to happen.

What's the referendum on Scottish Independence? I hope Batz and Mainad could enlighten me on this fact.
Not sure Scotland leaving the UK is really the same as they were part of the UK when we turned up to help run your country. ( )
On a more serious note the second part/ your question
The PM is in Scotland to meet the first minister of Hollyoord today (i think) to sign a paper (section 30?) which allows a one question ref on independence, I believe set for around the Aug 2014 mark.At present it appears the census is that it'd be voted down to stay as part of the UK but a couple of years and lobbying who knows.
I'm English but personally I'd rather we all stayed togther (nothing to do with tennis) stronger as one and all that.
No he is British, won the US and Gold medal as such and is also Scotlands first major winner for however many years, we are still waiting for the first English, N I and Welsh ones!
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