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Originally Posted by Qubax View Post
Great post!

That's really the "X" Factor with Roddick. His Compete level.

He was just such a bull dog.

Forget how lethal Roddick's serve was in a general sense. Was their any player in the last decade who was better then Roddick down 15-40 or 30-40 on serve?

Anyway, back on topic. Roddick has a meh backhand, ugh Volleys, Fugly movement etc., But Roddick had the serve, at times a decent FH he could ramp up, and an endless supply of give a damn.

Without Federer Roddick would have been vastly overated. Because he may have achieved 5-7 slams, but not really been any different as a player. He would have been compared with Agassi and his 8 slams, when in all reality Agassi was always milllllllllles ahead of Andy.

But believe me, if Andy was rockin' 6 slams. There would be a lot of folks making the mistake that Roddick was kinda close to Agassi.
Yep. Too many persons think close to same number of slams--same abilities and talent.

Nice turns of phrase: "meh backhand, ugh Volleys, Fugly movement"
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