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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
LOL what about the 70 year student who hasn't heard of topspin?

LeeD, you are only going to get insulted like this if you don't agree that a rally ball is the same as ball which was ripped by the player.
Just in case you still actually pay attention to this guy above Lee, which I doubt,
with his obvious lies so clear in nearly every post like the first sentence above.
I guess he throws out real obvious one like that to let folks know right up front
he is not honest with his posts.

Anyway, That post about the limitations you have expressed about your game was
in no way any insult to you, and I respect very much that you still get out there
and play so well with all the injuries you have had thru the years. I'm not that
different really, except I guess I have some better recovery in areas. Anyway
I doubt anyone other than suresh would twist it up incorrectly line that, and he
does it on purpose for an agenda....and as he proves over and over...he has no
interest in the truth or facts of situation...much like our politicians today.
I'm sorry that he tries to "use you" turn things and make it look like you have
been insulted, to make his ploys at misinfo.
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