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Originally Posted by tusharlovesrafa View Post
Poor Britons,getting a taste of their own medicine.It's like a Karma coming in full circle.They colonized us,exploited us and took all our wealth.Sooner or later this was supposed to happen.
But you Indians wanted railways and cricket. Those things don't come cheap you know!

Originally Posted by tusharlovesrafa View Post
What's the referendum on Scottish Independence? I hope Batz and Mainad could enlighten me on this fact.
It seems David Cameron (the UK prime minister) and Alex Salmond (the Scottish first minister) have just agreed on a formula for an independence referendum within the next 2 years. Apparently there will be a simple question asked to the Scots along the lines of "Do you want Scotland to stay part of the UK or do you wish for full independence?' At least this is my understanding.

My gut instinct is that full independence will be rejected but that a host of other measures granting Scotland even more autonomy over its own affairs will be agreed upon in return.
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