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Originally Posted by tusharlovesrafa View Post
Actually I wanted to know what's the story behind their demands for secession. .What's exactly is the problem between Scotland And England(Or UK).I am totally naive when it comes to this.Always heard in news that Scotland wanted Independence,but I want to know WHY?
OK, no problem, I'll try and give an unjaundiced view.

Since the Act of Union over 300 years ago, there have been Scots who have wanted to return to being an independent nation. For the last 80 years or so, the Scottish National Party have had this aim as its raison d'etre. For the first 70 or so years, a vote for the SNP was a vote for independence. Over the last decade, a supremely talented politician by the name of Alex Salmond has exploited disillusionment within the electorate for the traditional Labour Party by de-coupling this historic link (between the SNP and independence), allowing many people who were previously against independence to vote SNP in elections. This gave Mr Salmond a minority government in the Scottish Parliament (a devolved parliament with limited powers). But then he won a majority in the last election (an incredible achievement as the designers of the Scottish electoral system had intended for this to be impossible) and now has enough of an electoral mandate to have a referendum (it is not technically within the gift of the Scottish Parliament and must come from Westminster - today's agreement has done that).

Polls have shown for decades that support for independence runs at between 25-35%. Mr Salmond has a real fight on his hands to convince people - but he should not be under-estimated.
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