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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
winderpool. First start with proper throwing motion. Have him throw regular balls then footballs.

Then pick a serve you like, for example Serena's. Break it down into 6 parts. Start with the feet and ready position. Work in the down together, up together with his arms and toss. Let him practice the toss some, other times you toss to him....alternating like that helps the frustration.

Start right away with the continental grip and pronating as he makes contact. Its much harder changing things later. Have him use the fence to see how the racquet goes from a 'karate chop' before contact then pronates to a 'high five'.

Its not easy to teach a proper serve. Just go through the progressions as it works for him.
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This is exactly right from TCF - as with any stroke, you need to teach your young tennis player the right SEQUENCES of the stroke and repeat the movement over and over again.

One thing I will add to TCF sequences of the serve is the moment of truth - hitting the serve. Don't let the elbow drop as the player swing the racquet back and forth to the contact point. Also, make sure the momentum of the serve is taking the player into the court - this incorporates proper knee bend, explosion into the contact point and proper release of the elbow and wrist

Good luck
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