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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
Yup! He strung both of my Tours today in fact with VS mains and Focus Hex crosses.

He does absolutely amazing work. He is truly a craftsman and student of stringing. We live in the same neighborhood and he's my favorite stringer even though he tends to string tighter than other guys. Sometimes I use others since my family gives me gift certificates to various shops or he might not be available but he's definitely the man. Dropping off and picking up a frame is never quick. I love chatting with him about all things tennis.

He's also a good hearted and collects frames for kids who might not otherwise be able to afford them. We've given him a number of frames as our kids have grown up and he re-strings them and hands them over to a charity.

One of Ed's wife's relatives (Pam F) lived across the road from us and we were friends. I often walked her kids home from school with my boys and my wife was in a neighborhood ladies' club with her. Pam and her family have moved to FL but stay in contact when visiting.

Today Ed told me about a shop in Atlanta that sold both Dunlop tires AND wooden Dunlop frames. The frames were in a barrel and customers simply rumaged around to find something they liked. The guys manning the shop had no interest in tennis and knew nothing about the frames that HQ sent them to sell.

Today I also asked Ed to string one Tour frame at 57/52 and the other at 52/49 as an experiment. I hit with them tonight and the 57/52 frame was clearly the winner. Far more spin and control. Very comfy too. Was a no brainer. He did the job "flat" with no varience in tension across strings.

Next I'm going to cut out the 52/49 strings and have Ed string it with VS/4G at 57/52 for a head to head test.

How do you know Ed? Are you near Dunwoody?

EDIT: just looked at the website in your signature....looks like you're in Ed's senior group. IIRC he played on Wednesday this week. Did you have a chance to hit with him?
You guys are killin' me! I was an 'Ed'(actually a 'Rick') in Sandy Springs for many years, with some clients working with me for well over a dozen years....some over 20! We left in '08 and I really miss the 'gang' of customers and friends.

I'll say a good 90% of the rackets I worked on were strung 'straight up' with consistent tension on mains and crosses. This was changing after 2005 or so as many more folks were experimenting with hybrids and quite a few of my regulars were using aramid fiber mains mixed will all sorts of cross string types. Even with the mix of string types for one string job, the general goal was to apply consistent tension for each.

Exceptions would be for frames designed to be strung with some specialty approach to tension. I had a couple of Weed customers and would string according to the recommended 'perimeter' adjustment for that model or make other adjustments for other specialty frames.

One of the advantages of working with a consistent stringer or 'style' is the ability to make changes with more predictable results. If a regular customer wanted to change tension or type of string, the results were easier to forecast when dealing with a baseline already established. While I don't subscribe to the 'change only ONE variable at a time' theory, I do believe it's easier to achieve the desired results when there is a 'constant' from which to work.

All this 'back and forth' regarding stringing as an art or craft or appliance installation can actually be long as we keep an open mind and consider other methods for what they might 'bring to the table'. Then just dismiss them as silly and be on your way . Ba-zin-ga!!!

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