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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
It has to be a little more than just Newton though. This is Chizik's fourth year as coach so the roster is mostly his recruits. Does he have a problem getting the blue chip HS'ers to consider coming there? Saban is a tough guy to go against so he must be losing in-staters to Tuscaloosa. I saw the same type of slide at FSU in the early 70's. The Noles went from bowl-caliber (when it really meant something to get the extra game) to 0-11 three years after Bill Peterson left for the NFL and hapless Larry Jones took over. Jones could coach but couldn't recruit.
The powers that be at Auburn have no patience, so it wouldn't surprise me if he gets the ax.

I'm shocked Notre Dame is undefeated. Most analysts were giving them a .500 or slightly better season. Strange to see them top 5 again. I'll be equally shocked if they beat USC, though.

Bummed about the Gamecocks losing in Baton Rouge. I was really pulling for another SEC team to break the stranglehold. They are in the middle of a tough stretch and if they can beat Florida (big win in Gainesville against a top 2 BCS team) and Clemson (could still win the ACC) and set up a showdown with Bama in the SEC championship (and win), they still have a shot. This is Spurrier's best team at SC. Not a fan of him but it would be nice to see the east coast USC jump LSU and Bama for at least one year. We could have a battle of the birds...Gamecocks vs Ducks.
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