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Originally Posted by WoodIndoors View Post
The way I see it, TFC is right that there probably is lots of international players out there who could win this Abby girl. Some of them same age, some of them younger. I've seen players around 10 who are ways ahead of her, winning european tournaments u 12, and I would be very surprised if they would not win Abby.

If some of those international girls cabable of beating Abby are only 8, I'm not sure, but I wouldn't say it's impossible, I've seen some of the girls mature very early physically.

And psychologically, I'd say that some of those younger girls I 've seen wouldn't feel any pressure whatsoever facing Abby, quite the contrary.

When it comes to Db, never seen him anywhere but in videos, so difficult to say for sure if he has a real chance or not, but I hope all the best for him and his team. I respect their all in attitude very much, they've got balls.

At the same time, because couple of my friends did it and one is trying to do it right know, I do know that trying to make it through the futures and challengers (one of those friends made it atp top 100, others 100-250, all top 5 euro kids originally) is something I wouldn't push my kid into instead of free college unless my kid was top 10 ITF. Being 'only' almost top european seems to mean nothing. Maybe it's different if you're American I don't know...
I seen Abby play last year at Eddie Herr international tournament. She was 10 yrs old and 10nth seed. Lost to the champion in Quarterfinals. That would put her at 10 yrs old in the top 8 in the world's 12. Today she is 11 and I think she will be #1 seed at Eddie Herr, at Nike International (she got a wild card), at Orange Bowl. Now if you think that some 10 yr old will beat her. I wold say NOOOO Way. She is from our region and I've seen her grow up. The only way she will get beat is if she is sick, or hurt...dont' listen to TCF he is full of it.
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