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Love how this is always trotted out as an excuse for some of the ridiculous things he says. English IS his first language. His mother is S African and spoke English to him and that was the first language he learned. He and Myrka are also using English as their daughters first language. He said this in an interview quite recently. Enough with the flimsy excuses for him.
What people mean is that English isn't his BEST language. You're right that Roger spoke English words first as a baby, but Swiss-German definately dominated as he was growing up, and any native English speaker knows Roger's English is far from perfect. I agree that language issues can be used as a false "excuse" when it comes to things players say including Roger, but that doesn't mean Roger's English is his best language as it clearly isn't.

I'm American but English isn't my "first" language as my mother tought me a different one earlier as a baby, but believe me it's my BEST language by a mile . . .
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