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Originally Posted by bt johnson View Post
Ok so I think I might know the problem. I have switched the way I align my feet. By doing so I rotate my upper body to toss the ball to the side/above as opposed to further in the court. I understood that by twisting my upper body to toss the ball I would create my upper body rotation. Is this incorrect?
With proper toss technique, the toss should be almost independent of the positioning of the feet, hips, and shoulders. Notice how balanced Sampras is when he releases the toss even though he is turned far away from the court. His "archers" bow comes later. Even with servers who have a low toss (e.g., Goran Ivanisevic) the body is balanced when the ball is released.

In my opinion, you should work on your toss by itself with whatever foot position you prefer. Just make certain that your body is balanced over your feet at the release, you cup the ball in your fingers (don't let it drop to the palm) and you control where it is directed. Don't hit it and let it bounce in the court to see if you're hitting your target.

The good thing about working on the toss in isolation is that you can do thousands of repetitions without wearing out your hitting shoulder.
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