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Originally Posted by Lovely_Bone View Post
I like the Macs, but they're only around during the slams
John only does the slams but Patrick is almost always around when ESPN has tennis coverage.

I would agree that Adler is one of the worst although I really only know the guys who commentate on US channels. Really Adler and Pam Shriver are the only two that really stand out as being annoying to me....although Mary Carillo can be at times as well. A bit of a jock-sniffer at times, her. I like pretty much all of those involved with ESPN's coverage with Fowler (whose level of recall is amazing for a guy who only covers tennis part time), Cahill, Gilbert, Drysdale, and the Macs. Tennis Channel is also pretty good save for Adler. I enjoy listening to Gimelstob, Lindsay Davenport-although I don't watch much women's tennis, Navratilova, Bill Macatee (when he's there hosting for the slams), Goodall, Koenig, Nick Lester, Ashley Fisher, Jimmy Arias (who also works for ESPN some dates) and Ted Robinson who is only a part-timer...although you can say that for a lot of Tennis Channel employees I suppose. And of course in the US, we had Dick Enberg for the slams on the major networks. He's lost his fastball at his advanced age, but he's still classic when paired with a McEnroe brother.

Regardless we should all be pretty thankful because as a whole, I don't think any sport, with perhaps the exception of soccer, has a better collective of commentators. Have you watched baseball lately? As a whole they are awful. Everyone associated with a NY Yankees broadcast is an embarrassment except for David Cone. American football - why does Tony Saragusa have a live mic? He says nothing. All football sideline reporters add nothing unless they have injury info. Joe Buck - insufferable. Tim McCarver - incompetent. Dick Stockton - way past his expiration date. That the playoffs are underway and baseball can't figure out a way to have Vin Scully or Bob Uecker or Bob Costas calling games is an embarrassment.
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